Monday, May 28, 2018

Travel Tip Tuesday -Five Ways to Use Duct Tape When You Travel

Duct tape was originally invented by Johnson and Johnson's Permacel division during World War II for the military. The military needed a waterproof tape to keep moisture out of ammunition cases. Originally the tape was green, not silver and it is thought that soldiers called it "duck" tape because of its color and the fact that it shed water, like a duck.  Soldiers noticed that duct tape was not only good for waterproofing but that it also came in handy for repairing things.

For travelers, duct tape can come in handy for a quick fix while you are on the road.  Here are a few clever ways to use this handy tape. When packing duct tape, you don't need to bring a full roll, travel sizes are also available.

Fix Luggage

If your bag gets ripped along the way or the handle falls off, use duct tape for a quick repair.  You can also mark your luggage with a bright roll of duct tape and can even attach extra gear to your suitcase or backpack if you run out of space.

Seal Leaky Containers

There is nothing worse than having shampoo, make-up or sunscreen leak all over your clothes while you are in transit.  Wrap duct tape around the lid of bottles that are questionable.  If you are traveling with food and you want to keep it fresh, just slap a little duct tape on the container for extra freshness.

Fix Broken Glasses

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to see the scenery while traveling because of a broken pair of glasses. Not to worry, just duct tape the broken glasses and continue enjoying your trip.

Block Out Light

Sometimes hotel curtains don't close all the way and the bright rays of the morning or the glare of city lights keep light sleepers awake.  No worries,  for a good night sleep, in a dark room just duct tape the curtains shut.

Mend Clothes and Shoes

If your hemline starts to unravel or your shoe gets a hole in it, duct tape offers a quick fix.  You may not look like a perfect fashion statement but duct tape will get you through the day until you can replace the item at a store.  Duct tape is also helpful in removing unwanted lint or animal hair from your clothes.

If you are looking for travel size duct tape to throw into your suitcase check out Medical SOL Duct Tape that is sold in two easily packable 50-inch rolls.

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